Sound,Noise,Politics,Music and Time

June 7, 2010 arymurillo

Noise, Politics, Art, Music and time combination.

Noise can be defined as a simple sound created by animal or natural surrounding waterfalls, wind, tornados, sea waves etc. The concept of noise also was put into practice by humans when machines were invented. In early days those sound were used as a part of native melodies; the combinations of natural sound and noise force human to use technology oriented to incorporate tones to create, and organize them into the perfect combination that is called “Music”.  Frequently in some case all those change of the original form of noise can be considered as a new shape “Music” that is not only the reproduction of different tones it can be also ended as a universal piece of art, that is manipulated or accepted by individual, local community or even better to buildup the piece of music till at universal music level.

The noise could be an abstract material that came from machines, natural or human creations. The evolution and interpretations could be subjective elements because each person or social model accepting or interpreting these with talented poles apart and contradictory opinions.  Noise, harmony sound, division and organization delineate the basic elements the Music.  A new form of play or created Music is practice today, this is more simple because it  use a single person and computer that used variety of save sound that replaced the most fine and sophisticated orchestra.

The Music distribution is another element that had been modified by the technology: Records, tapes, cd, mp3, iPods, and digital music that is downloading and distributed easy around the world. Moreover, those noise and sound were transformed by human who add sentiments and stories and reinforce with the combination of small or even big musical pieces; the process include adjust  from noise into pitches or music nomenclature that ended in new form of Art and Music in general.

In worldwide we can found a variety of noise in the basically form but when human interpreting and add feeling, this is when the technology made it part in the process of organization and formation of new piece of music as a part of the human entertainments philosophy.

Analysis of the articles of Sound, Noise Varese Boulez by Morton Feldman, Noise and Politics by Jacues Attali and the Art of noises by Luigi Russolo.


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