Electronic Music Studio

June 14, 2010 arymurillo

Stony Brook Electronic Music Studio

Last Wednesday class I had the opportunity to visit the Stony Brook Electronic Music Studio, Which is manager by Professor Daria Semegen recognized electronic music composer who had wasted experience in the EMS. The class was dividing into two sections. First, we had the opportunity to know all hardware that is being using in the industry. Semegen mentioned that form 1959 to 1969 were the electronic music staring period, during this the EMS were conformed with a few elements;  tape recorded, synthesizer, amplifiers , sound generator equipments and filters. She also recalls the importance of the VCs 3 as the open up synthesizer that was manufactured in London by Peter Zinovieff.  The EMS beginner was boundary original by the computer memory and hardware technology, in a simple form composer used patch cords to routed the audio to the different modules. Today those limitations had fixed, because computer are build up with huge memory capacity and also synthesizer use matrix pug board and better Hardwar’s technology.

The second Part of the class was more interesting because professor Daria shows to the class a based way to create an electronic music piece. She original started with a simple sound or noise that is add to a computer “data sound base”. The sound conform a pitch that is merge with other sounds and that conform a new musical piece. In the process the sound is shape, filter, looping, and manipulate in many way is here when the composer word is important and can introduced the feeling and personal label that ended with the final acceptation of musical piece.

The whole process was show as an interest and the end the whole class apreiched a nice melody that stared form at simple noise. When I analysis the final product I compared the electronic music and the conventional music (where is use an instrument and musician).  I used a natural water fall to represent the traditional music in the other side, Electronic Music represented by polluted water that is transformed by chemical process into clean water. My final question is if we have the opportunity to drinks those two types of water which one you choose?


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