June 22, 2010 arymurillo

The 2010 World Cup Soccer in Africa

The world cup soccer is a magna event that keeps the world attention for about one month, even those this is a sport competition the Music is vital elements. The world cup begun with a giant music concert that joins singers from around the world; The Waka Waka is the official song of the cup, the song purposed is to integrated the whole population of the sour Africa nation that in the pass live the most terrible apartheid.

The song makes a mass impact in chats around the world. Singer and preferment used this platform to show case their music in an international and the local level audience in South Africa. The concerts by itself cause a huge impact around the world and again the technology used for this purpose is the perfect way to reach the goal. Through the music people made the perfect channel to avoid all controversy and internal conflict, moreover, broadcast the concert around the world represent also a political impact that recall that by music and entertainment the world can live in whole peace unit.

Once more time, the music was the perfect vehicle to grave the attention and unifies people around the world. The music represents the happiness that is reinforcing for the sport practice that made passion for different individuals; that for a moment forget their division and racial differences. Singer and dance the waka waka in many languages is possible by the implementation of different technology that is the major elements in the final world acceptation, and one more time the music is show as universal language that do not have political barriers to stop the world unity.

The event was the perfect scenario for blacks and whites,  that just a few pass decades can’t be possible to stay together in a same place, the political systems at that time was the cause for hate but today the music and the technology show to the rest of the world that this kind o politics is not a reasonable or acceptable position in any place in the world.


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