Samba Brazil National Music

June 28, 2010 arymurillo


            The world samba worlds include many aspects: Afro Brazilian, Music, Dance, disc industry, theology and Carnival.  To start is necessary to said that Samba is a music and dance form practice original in Brazil for African descents from the Rio de Janeiro. The music and dancers were exclusive for black and mulatos communities that are the poorer classes of the society called “Pabelas”.  Original form of samba was performed in a ring, where two couple dance; from these form the genre move into schools that used large number of dancer. Samba schools began to take shape in the 1930s but were until 1945 under President Getulio Vargas that promoted as a Brazil national music and began the creation of the sambadrome that is the avenue from the parade take place. 

This events include mammy aspects that is not only the musical and dance part ; the Rio festival prepared  every year a official album that came from the different schools, the album include the official sound of the carnival, the track is selected  from three pieces previous select as a finalists. This album is produced and self during the carnival period and usually reaches self of millions of copies.  The album is an important element of the Rios Samba industry it became a part of the consolidations of the samba schools that legitimate the Brazil culture, today the samba schools controlled the productions and distribution of the lucrative annual album. The album was created original in the traditional, it include more that 1500 musicians and increase the production cost close $ 400.000 but now it include digital sound and move the recording process to studio with the interest to reduce the cost of production and also created a better quality in the final album, these innovation permit control of the quality of the sound and include some instruments that was impossible to used in the live preformed. Is here when the technologies is implementing and bring enormous vantages from a record studio.

Finally is necessary to mentioned that samba musical rhythm general is “counted in a duple and sixteenth note subdivision and strong emphasis on the second beat” the second beat is accented by bass and drums that in the popular language are called surdo. In general, samba fallow a simple pattern and harmonies that identify the schools.

The Samba in Brazil is a complex industry that represents the folklore and culture of Brazil; moreover the Rio samba festival is an international event that integrated people from different nationalities and social class.


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