July 7, 2010 arymurillo


                         The way people use the information has been change since computer and data base is using for different purpose.  Cyber culture can be defined as regulated form of used of technology and information. But to include the world honest, or correct used is to admitted that is a regulations that everyone need to fallow. For example in the music industry, the whole industries change the form of commercialization and production of the music. By have an album in the internet the composer and industry can reach more people and audience; but in the same other, people used the music with different function and interest. When that occurs,   is when the industry is affecting in the economic aspect. The commercialization of the album is affected and the economic benefit got to the wrong person.  Another, definition is the term hacker that is used for the person who doesn’t respect the regulation law of the information and benefit of the internet information.

                         The digital music industry develop, is affecting by uncontrolled market that grow as faster of the original industry. The copyright industry incorporate a new concept the cyber crime that link everyone who steeling digital merchandise. The crime is too difficult to penalizes because, the globalization and restrictions policies change from one country to another, as a result the technology create a global phenomenon that affect the whole music industry.

                         Another important concept in the cyber culture is the revolution of the DJ, a new concept is the DJ mixer by using computer an innovation that replace the traditional turntables but also save compact more music in less digital space. Additional the technology allow DJ to create a loops, adding samples and create gimmick in live, these tools outperform the DJ functions and made it easier. This is a completed opposite form of use cyber information and techno; it can benefit the labor the DJ or even can eliminate it because computer can mix the music without human presence.


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