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                         The way people use the information has been change since computer and data base is using for different purpose.  Cyber culture can be defined as regulated form of used of technology and information. But to include the world honest, or correct used is to admitted that is a regulations that everyone need to fallow. For example in the music industry, the whole industries change the form of commercialization and production of the music. By have an album in the internet the composer and industry can reach more people and audience; but in the same other, people used the music with different function and interest. When that occurs,   is when the industry is affecting in the economic aspect. The commercialization of the album is affected and the economic benefit got to the wrong person.  Another, definition is the term hacker that is used for the person who doesn’t respect the regulation law of the information and benefit of the internet information.

                         The digital music industry develop, is affecting by uncontrolled market that grow as faster of the original industry. The copyright industry incorporate a new concept the cyber crime that link everyone who steeling digital merchandise. The crime is too difficult to penalizes because, the globalization and restrictions policies change from one country to another, as a result the technology create a global phenomenon that affect the whole music industry.

                         Another important concept in the cyber culture is the revolution of the DJ, a new concept is the DJ mixer by using computer an innovation that replace the traditional turntables but also save compact more music in less digital space. Additional the technology allow DJ to create a loops, adding samples and create gimmick in live, these tools outperform the DJ functions and made it easier. This is a completed opposite form of use cyber information and techno; it can benefit the labor the DJ or even can eliminate it because computer can mix the music without human presence.


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Stony Brook University

Professor Katherine Kaiser

Ary Murillo

Music and Technology MUS 300


                                                CHIRIMIA AFRO COLOMBIAN MUSIC          

The Afro descendent population in Colombia is spread over the whole country, but it is in the Colombian Pacific area where more afro concentration is located.  Chocó is a province with 99 percent of afro descents; the province was an important destination for African slaves that used to work in gold mines.  The most important element incorporated into the province from Afro culture was the music. Chirimia is popular sentiment that include natural surrounding food, live style and doctrine as Africa as a mother country. In one word Chirimia band is interpreted with clarinet, drums and local instruments. This music has its own distinctiveness repertory base on daily experiences that evolve with inclusion of lyrics with picaresque illustrations.  

Nowadays, children learn the music foundation since they enroll in school, many bands continued with the original and traditional structure of the chirimia; moreover, other musicians have made significant fusions with other musical styles. (Chirimia and Chocó) is like if we mention in the United States (Jazz and New Orleans) but the difference is that chirimia is practiced only by Chocó’s natives.  The Contundencia band is one of most representative groups that have promoted the folklore. Thus, one of the most encouraging singers and composer that symbolize this approach is Zully Murillo, her compositions are interpreted through the conventional chirimia style mixed with Salsa´s one. Her last musical production “Los Pregones de mi Tierra “LPT was made with significant innovation, she made a fusion of new instruments and also used the Electronic computer sound that represents an important change or progress about the music in general terms in the country. LPT is an album that was oriented to young generations, natives, and to the general population; as a result, the album can be classified as a perfect combination of the traditional Chirimia and Salsa.

The musicians used in the production of the album guitar, piano, drums, and silver; moreover they also played in the album saxophone, bass, tube and thumb piano which were interpreted by computer’s sound, pitch and sampling technology. Therefore, the final product came up like a gigantic music band.  When interviewing the singer and composer previously mentioned, she said: “it was necessary to use the electronic computer sound and technological effects in this production for two reasons. First, to reduce the cost of the production of the album since when musicians play the instruments, the cost is more expensive if we compare it with the traditional cost. Second, as we intend to attract the young population of the country towards the folklore, it was essential to take advantage of their preferences, so the new form of Chirimia-Salsa was created and it is more accepted by them.  In other words, chirimia is moving from the afro Colombia audience to the whole Colombian population; cities like Cali, Bogotá and Medellin accept now chirimia music that was restricted in the past for Afro Colombians. (Cali have at Huge Chirimia festival in the summer promote by Jairo Varela Manager of international salsa Group Niche).

 The Electronic music sounds are included in the whole LPT musical production from track one through eleven. Computer sounds substitute a conventional music that is not easy to identify them in the composition because the computer technology is such a useful and manageable tool that every sound it produces is like a live music.  Another important innovation that was added was other musical instruments. For example, the thumb piano is used in other type of music in the pacific area but in this opportunity it was used and interpreted by computer sound. The difference between the regular rhythm and computer technology´s one is almost impossible to figure it out. The seven tracks in “La Vaca Topa” where the base of the melody is the thumb piano were replaced by computer technology sound.  The beginning of the second track in “Mininica” from 00.00 to 00.16 the electronic sound was used as well as the saxophone, but also the introduction of the track is from computer sound that replace a traditional instrument, the musical background that come out from right channel and left channel result from the composer inspiration. In this track “Mininica” is easy to mentioned many other electronic passenger that enrich the album that used and implement the technology in a variety style and African Colombian sound.

In this album is present the digital sound that is manipulate in many way and forms by Julio, electronic composer. Tempo and pitch are manipulated a just one pitch or as whole instrument sound in the album. For example in

The whole production used the computer sound in the chirimia fashion, the importance of these innovations is that chirimia can be played and enjoyed in the whole country as a new musical style and also it is attracting more people and audience. The economy aspect justifies the use of computer because the cost to produce a traditional album was reduced considerably. Today it is not needed four musicians as the base of the band and the instruments they played but only one person, who manipulates the software, mix and work on the computer compositions so that the final product can be gotten with high quality for the progress of the band.

This musical production represents the fusion of two methods: the traditional   one and the one that incorporated the electronic tools that ended up with the creation of a new musical style that enriched the identity that the population has about their culture.

It is also necessary to acknowledge the contribution of the computer composer Juan Carlos, he is 26 years old and he was the one who motivated the creation of this new musical style by the manipulation of musical software and computer sound base. He plays guitar, piano and other traditional instruments from the pacific region but the most significant is that he never attended the school to learn how to play any instrument.


The main disadvantage of the album it is when the group plays in live music because it is necessary to validate some instruments with some musicians so that live concert would be successful. Also Zully’s chirimia fans opine in majority that she needs to come back to the original form, because this is a basic element of the province folklore. To analyze this difference it is needed to see or advocate the impact of the computer sounds in the Zully style, and to watch some of her videos that are available in YouTube video.


Zully Murillo y la contundencia, Sancudo

Finally, it is necessary to say that Pregones de mi Tierra is an album that established a new period of the music in Chocó province, and also an innovative music in Colombia. This album not only fosters the traditions but goes beyond while creating an alternative style for the new generation by taking advantage of the technological resources. It made bonds with their trends and preferences about music. The LPT album use sampling, software, and hardware with the only purpose to create music that satisfy the fans.

Another important aspect is to give the opportunity to a young electronic composer Julio who is a person that never when to a music schools; but has the natural inspirations to produce this material and consolidated him as a pioneer of the electronic music composer, and computer music expert in function of the Colombian music and folklore general in Colombia.

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Samba Brazil National Music


            The world samba worlds include many aspects: Afro Brazilian, Music, Dance, disc industry, theology and Carnival.  To start is necessary to said that Samba is a music and dance form practice original in Brazil for African descents from the Rio de Janeiro. The music and dancers were exclusive for black and mulatos communities that are the poorer classes of the society called “Pabelas”.  Original form of samba was performed in a ring, where two couple dance; from these form the genre move into schools that used large number of dancer. Samba schools began to take shape in the 1930s but were until 1945 under President Getulio Vargas that promoted as a Brazil national music and began the creation of the sambadrome that is the avenue from the parade take place. 

This events include mammy aspects that is not only the musical and dance part ; the Rio festival prepared  every year a official album that came from the different schools, the album include the official sound of the carnival, the track is selected  from three pieces previous select as a finalists. This album is produced and self during the carnival period and usually reaches self of millions of copies.  The album is an important element of the Rios Samba industry it became a part of the consolidations of the samba schools that legitimate the Brazil culture, today the samba schools controlled the productions and distribution of the lucrative annual album. The album was created original in the traditional, it include more that 1500 musicians and increase the production cost close $ 400.000 but now it include digital sound and move the recording process to studio with the interest to reduce the cost of production and also created a better quality in the final album, these innovation permit control of the quality of the sound and include some instruments that was impossible to used in the live preformed. Is here when the technologies is implementing and bring enormous vantages from a record studio.

Finally is necessary to mentioned that samba musical rhythm general is “counted in a duple and sixteenth note subdivision and strong emphasis on the second beat” the second beat is accented by bass and drums that in the popular language are called surdo. In general, samba fallow a simple pattern and harmonies that identify the schools.

The Samba in Brazil is a complex industry that represents the folklore and culture of Brazil; moreover the Rio samba festival is an international event that integrated people from different nationalities and social class.

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The 2010 World Cup Soccer in Africa

The world cup soccer is a magna event that keeps the world attention for about one month, even those this is a sport competition the Music is vital elements. The world cup begun with a giant music concert that joins singers from around the world; The Waka Waka is the official song of the cup, the song purposed is to integrated the whole population of the sour Africa nation that in the pass live the most terrible apartheid.

The song makes a mass impact in chats around the world. Singer and preferment used this platform to show case their music in an international and the local level audience in South Africa. The concerts by itself cause a huge impact around the world and again the technology used for this purpose is the perfect way to reach the goal. Through the music people made the perfect channel to avoid all controversy and internal conflict, moreover, broadcast the concert around the world represent also a political impact that recall that by music and entertainment the world can live in whole peace unit.

Once more time, the music was the perfect vehicle to grave the attention and unifies people around the world. The music represents the happiness that is reinforcing for the sport practice that made passion for different individuals; that for a moment forget their division and racial differences. Singer and dance the waka waka in many languages is possible by the implementation of different technology that is the major elements in the final world acceptation, and one more time the music is show as universal language that do not have political barriers to stop the world unity.

The event was the perfect scenario for blacks and whites,  that just a few pass decades can’t be possible to stay together in a same place, the political systems at that time was the cause for hate but today the music and the technology show to the rest of the world that this kind o politics is not a reasonable or acceptable position in any place in the world.

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Electronic Music Studio

Stony Brook Electronic Music Studio

Last Wednesday class I had the opportunity to visit the Stony Brook Electronic Music Studio, Which is manager by Professor Daria Semegen recognized electronic music composer who had wasted experience in the EMS. The class was dividing into two sections. First, we had the opportunity to know all hardware that is being using in the industry. Semegen mentioned that form 1959 to 1969 were the electronic music staring period, during this the EMS were conformed with a few elements;  tape recorded, synthesizer, amplifiers , sound generator equipments and filters. She also recalls the importance of the VCs 3 as the open up synthesizer that was manufactured in London by Peter Zinovieff.  The EMS beginner was boundary original by the computer memory and hardware technology, in a simple form composer used patch cords to routed the audio to the different modules. Today those limitations had fixed, because computer are build up with huge memory capacity and also synthesizer use matrix pug board and better Hardwar’s technology.

The second Part of the class was more interesting because professor Daria shows to the class a based way to create an electronic music piece. She original started with a simple sound or noise that is add to a computer “data sound base”. The sound conform a pitch that is merge with other sounds and that conform a new musical piece. In the process the sound is shape, filter, looping, and manipulate in many way is here when the composer word is important and can introduced the feeling and personal label that ended with the final acceptation of musical piece.

The whole process was show as an interest and the end the whole class apreiched a nice melody that stared form at simple noise. When I analysis the final product I compared the electronic music and the conventional music (where is use an instrument and musician).  I used a natural water fall to represent the traditional music in the other side, Electronic Music represented by polluted water that is transformed by chemical process into clean water. My final question is if we have the opportunity to drinks those two types of water which one you choose?

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Sound,Noise,Politics,Music and Time

Noise, Politics, Art, Music and time combination.

Noise can be defined as a simple sound created by animal or natural surrounding waterfalls, wind, tornados, sea waves etc. The concept of noise also was put into practice by humans when machines were invented. In early days those sound were used as a part of native melodies; the combinations of natural sound and noise force human to use technology oriented to incorporate tones to create, and organize them into the perfect combination that is called “Music”.  Frequently in some case all those change of the original form of noise can be considered as a new shape “Music” that is not only the reproduction of different tones it can be also ended as a universal piece of art, that is manipulated or accepted by individual, local community or even better to buildup the piece of music till at universal music level.

The noise could be an abstract material that came from machines, natural or human creations. The evolution and interpretations could be subjective elements because each person or social model accepting or interpreting these with talented poles apart and contradictory opinions.  Noise, harmony sound, division and organization delineate the basic elements the Music.  A new form of play or created Music is practice today, this is more simple because it  use a single person and computer that used variety of save sound that replaced the most fine and sophisticated orchestra.

The Music distribution is another element that had been modified by the technology: Records, tapes, cd, mp3, iPods, and digital music that is downloading and distributed easy around the world. Moreover, those noise and sound were transformed by human who add sentiments and stories and reinforce with the combination of small or even big musical pieces; the process include adjust  from noise into pitches or music nomenclature that ended in new form of Art and Music in general.

In worldwide we can found a variety of noise in the basically form but when human interpreting and add feeling, this is when the technology made it part in the process of organization and formation of new piece of music as a part of the human entertainments philosophy.

Analysis of the articles of Sound, Noise Varese Boulez by Morton Feldman, Noise and Politics by Jacues Attali and the Art of noises by Luigi Russolo.

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